search engine marketing

Search Engine Optimisation
A website without visitors is a company resource failing to provide a return on its initial invest, at worst it is a lost opportunity to generate additional customers and increase brand awareness.

The potential damage to maintaining or growing you market share is further compounded if your existing direct competition or new industry entrants are maximising this sales channel to your cost.

Link Building
A successful link building strategy is one area of search engine optimisation which many online businesses fail to capitalise on when trying to capture the very top rankings.

High quality relevant links from respected sites ensures that search engines are interested in and value your site, search engine crawlers will then regularly visit your site to collect the information they need to raise you rankings towards that number one position.

A successful link development strategy will also bring additional visitors to your site.

Content Writing
Fresh, original and informative content is the surest way to top rankings: search engines only maintain their dominant position if the returned results are useful and relevant. This was one of the main factors behind Google’s rise to dominance and you can be certain that this winning formula will be continued if not further depended on by Google and other high traffic search engines trying to emulate their success.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
When used as part of an effective overall SEO strategy Pay Per Click advertising such as Google AdWords or Yahoo! Search Marketing provides another route to an increased return on investment and brand awareness.

Using Pay Per Click advertising effectively and on an almost industrial scale is where many businesses limit their achievable online returns.

Detailed Keyword Analysis
Without fully understanding and responding to what potential visitors are searching for in your market sector again limits

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